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Van Meter Pediatric Endocrinology is a private outpatient specialty clinic located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our care specialties encompass the complete spectrum of endocrine-related diagnoses, and our practice operates on three simple principles.


Our providers and staff maximize their availability and responsiveness to our patients and their families to ensure the highest possible quality of care. Patient health and well-being is of paramount importance - therefore, providing quality healthcare goes far beyond identifying singular symptoms, isolating them to compartmentalize a diagnosis, and artificially simplifying treatment protocol.


Patients who are well-educated about their respective endocrine disorders and consequently dedicated to making the lifestyle adjustments necessary to manage them can effectively achieve and maintain good health. We supply our patients with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to take full control of their quality of life - and we are dedicated to coaching them throughout their journey.


Optimizing quality of care does not cease when you leave the exam room. We utilize all available resources to maintain clear communication pathways between our patients and the entire office staff, while also ensuring that primary care physicians remain well-informed of the progress of each patient they refer to our care.


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